Overzicht dissertaties december 2017 en januari 2018

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


31 januari 2018
Colon cancer: the clinical significance of molecular biomarkers
R.R.J. Coebergh van den Braak

17 januari 2018
Clinical studies in (para)thyroid surgery
R.R. Dulfer

17 januari 2018
PIcKing the right treatment for the right patient. Anti-hormonal therapy resistance in breast cancer: PIK3CA related biomarkers and signaling pathways
D.E. Ramirez Ardila

10 januari 2018
Magnetic resonance imaging and multivariable riskstratification in prostate cancer screening and active surveillance
A.R. Alberts

22 december 2017
Exploring the potentials and limitations of solid tumor treatment by thermosensitive liposomes and hyperthermia &ellipsis;

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