Promoties april en mei 2013

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

29 mei 2013
177Lu-octreotate in neuroendocrine tumors: treatment effects
E.I. van Vliet 

29 mei 2013
Novel strategies to optimize targeted molecular imaging and therapy
J.P. Norenberg

28 mei 2013
Ubiquitin chain formation by RBR E3-ligases
J.J. Smit

22 mei 2013
MiRNAs and the DNA damage response: relevance for cancer and cancer therapy
M.T.M. van Jaarsveld

21 mei 2013
The impact of breast cancer screening on population health
N.T. van Ravesteijn

14 mei 2013
Low risk prostate cancer and active surveillance
M. Bul (zie samenvatting