Promoties november en december 2011

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

15 december 2011
Barrett’s esophagus: new insights in the genetic patchwork of transdifferentiation and malignant transformation
A. van de Winkel

14 december 2011
Identification and functional analysis of genes involved in gliomagenesis
L.B.C. Bralten

8 december 2011
The gastrin-releasing peptide receptor as target for molecular imaging and therapy of prostate cancer using radiolabelled bombesin analogues
R.P.J. Schroeder

30 november 2011
Gene-expression profiles and oncogenes in pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
I. Homminga

30 november 2011 
Towards optimal diagnosis of type II germ cell tumors 
J.A. Stoop  

29 november 2011 
Quantifying the economics of medical malpractice: a view from a civil law perspective&ellipsis;

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