Promoties november en december 2010

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

16 december 2010
Radiopeptides for targeted tumour therapy and the kidney
M.L. Melis

15 december 2010
Role of pre-B cell receptor signaling molecules in B cell differentiation and tumor suppression
T.B.V. Ta

10 december 2010
Towards effective assessment of the quality of life of head and neck cancer patients in the clinical setting
H.M.H. Mehanna

10 december 2010
Studies on screening and surveillance for colorectal cancer
S.A. Mulder

8 december 2010
Targeting immune suppression to refine dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in mesothelioma
J.D. Veltman

7 december 2010
Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas
B.J. Petri

7 december 2010
Aspects of early detection of testicular cancer and cancer-related infertility&ellipsis;

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