Promoties november en december 2009

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

16 december 2009
Treatment modalities, quality of life and costs in head and neck cancer
W.M. Nijdam

9 december 2009
Multidisciplinary treatment of rectal cancer and other pelvic tumours
F.T.J. Ferenschild

9 december 2009
Active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer
R.C.N. van den Bergh

3 december 2009
Euthanasia and other medical decisions at the end of life
H.M. Buiting

2 december 2009
Active surveillance and prostate cancer screening
S.H. de Vries

27 november 2009
Shedding light on micro-RNA function
C.R. Nagel

18 november 2009
Genetic determinants of gastric cancer
S. Boccia

10 november 2009
Identifying proteins involved in glioma angiogenesis: a proteomics approach
D.A.M. Mustafa


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