Promoties december 2006 en januari 2007

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

31 januari 2007
The role of MN1-TEL, MN1 and TEL2 in leukemia
C. Carella

19 januari 2007
The influence of surgery on the development of distant tumour recurrence
M. ten Kate

10 januari 2007
Cognitive sequelae of intensive treatment for hematological malignancies
H. Harder

22 december 2006
Staging investigations in patients with esophageal cancer: a critical re-appraisal
E.P.M. van Vliet

14 december 2006
Pharmacokinetic optimization of docetaxel dosing
F.K. Engels

13 december 2006
Family matters: adjustment after genetic cancer susceptibility testing
I.I.H. van Oostrom

8 december 2006
Low penetrance alleles in colorectal cancer
C.L.E. Siezen

7 december 2006
Expression profiling of ovarian cancer: markers and t

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