Promoties april en mei 2007

  • 3 min.
  • Promotie

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

16 mei 2007
State-of-the-art: MR imaging in the work-up of primary hepatocellular tumors
I.C. van den Bos

9 mei 2007
New insights into genetic variation and cancer
C. Siemes

9 mei 2007
Magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate
L. Wang

25 april 2007
The consequences of surgical trauma on intraperitoneal tumour recurrence and/or adhesion formation
S. ten Raa

20 april 2007
The adenoma-carcinoma sequence in colorectal cancer: scratching the surface
P. Alberici

5 april 2007
Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry: evidence from drug introductions in the US
L.H. Pattikawa

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

11 mei 2007
Measuring and improving quality of care in oncology&ellipsis;

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