Promoties november en december 2007

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

20 december 2007
Multiple primary cancers in patients with breast and skin cancers
I. Soerjomataram

12 december 2007
Improvement of malignant glioma treatment: preclinical evaluation of adenoviral gene therapy and PRRT
S.M. Verwijnen

29 november 2007
A genetic epidemiological study of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
B. Feng

15 november 2007
ALA-PDT: the treatment of non melanoma skin cancer re-illuminated
E.R.M. de Haas

14 november 2007
Stem cell marker OCT3/4 in biology and diagnostics of germ cell tumors
J. de Jong

7 november 2007
Screening for prostate cancer: intermediate outcome measures and active surveillance
S. Roemeling

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

12 december 2007
Surgical, epidemiological, and radiolog

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