Promoties september en oktober 2005

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19 oktober 2005
Cryptic chromosome abnormalities in acute leukemia identification and detection,
L.J.C.M. van Zutven

5 oktober 2005
The treatment of elderly patients with aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma,
J.K. Doorduijn

28 september 2005
Laparoscopic surgery for colonic cancer,
E. Kuhrij

28 september 2005
Detection of lung cancer using optical spectroscopy,
M.P.L. Bard

21 september 2005
SET and SET-CAN in human leukemia,
A. Kandilci

15 september 2005
Improvement of solid tumor therapy by changing the tumor pathophysiology,
S. Hoving

7 september 2005
Dosimetric verification of intensity modulated radiotherapy with an electronic portal imaging device, S.C. Vieira

2 september 2005
Magnetic resonance imaging assessme

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